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A story of hope, strength, struggles and tenacity that started with a young girl’s dream of coming to America from South Africa during the hated apartheid era. South Africa remains etched in Helen’s heart, she recounts her stories. Encountering AK47’s aimed at her back and stomach in Niarobi, Kenya, to struggling to get and keep a work visa in Texas, to meeting a President face to face. Her journey has been filled with lessons and miracles. A ticket for a year, a visa for three months, to enter the United States, sixteen hundred dollars in her pocket, a suitcase and a guitar, was the beginning of a new journey and opportunities. Adamant at every turn to make her dream of visiting America come true, enduring many hardships and lessons along the way, Helen’s dream came to fruition. Her desire for America started before knowing or understanding its power and influence over the world.

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This fascinating tale of living under German occupation during World War II is told from the unique perspective of a Dutch secret agent. Highlighted by high drama, it is an epic story of life and conflict in the presence of an oppressive enemy. The anti-German struggle in the Netherlands was centered on sabotage requiring stealth and cunning. The reality of war forced many to choose between helping with the resistance, going into hiding, or leaving the country. Those who stayed and served saved countless numbers of Jewish lives and aided the war effort by covertly gathering and disseminating valuable information. The author narrowly escaped the Germans as the British Navy came to his rescue. His story of unremitting toil to overtake an unrelenting enemy is stirring, inspiring, and unforgettable. Christiaan Gutteling lived in Swansea, Wales and died in London in 2012. His two daughters, and five grandchildren, live in Dallas, Texas, and his son and his wife live in London. During the war, he worked on a tugboat to gather information on German "degaussing" procedures, which made metal ships immune from sea mines. His daughter Helen Gutteling Munday helped bring "The War Has Ended but the Memory Lingers on" to fruition.


The Best of Eve: In memory of my mom, Eve, who always wanted a red and white kitchen, and who loved to cook, bake and experiment with herbs, spices, liqueurs and recipes from all around the world. Eve was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1924. Her father was a diamond cutter by trade and was contracted by De Beers to work with the South African diamond industry. She was nine years old upon her first arrival in Cape Town, South Africa.